Pub Crawl Holdings / Mobile Dynamic Marketing Enters Acquisition Negotiations for Expected Annual Profit Generation of Over $520,000

Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PBCWE), and recently announced subsidiary, Mobile Dynamic Marketing, a unique mobile application development and marketing company, has entered talks with a leading distribution channel brand to acquire a division with expected annual profit generation of over $520,000.

"Our Corporate Mission Statement has incorporated a strategic growth plan from its inception, to acquire, merge and develop joint ventures with the synergistic companies we see around us for the purpose of maximizing mutual growth benefit," said CEO Brian McFadden.

"One of those companies, which we had identified as one of our key distribution components, has presented itself as a potential candidate for strategic acquisition, and we have entered into formal negotiations. Based on our analysis of their current business operations and financials, combined with the accelerated growth that our mutual synergies would provide, we estimate that Pub Crawl Holdings would generate annual profits of over $520,000 from this singular business acquisition," said McFadden.

"We at Pub Crawl feel strongly that highly selective diversification is a key component to the accomplishment of our stated strategic objectives, by not only accelerating our business's growth ramp up, but also ensuring our long term success. We are, therefore, diligently pursuing multiple paths horizontally to augment our current operations to maximize our profit generation and accelerate our growth potential," McFadden added.

"We are currently in the process of re-verifying our due diligence and will be sure to keep everyone abreast of the acquisition as it progresses," said McFadden.

Mobile Dynamic Marketing is a mobile application development and marketing company that leverages its unique and repeatable app platform for the development of select targeted market verticals. Its unique app platform provides the means to deliver a comprehensive, cost effective, mobile platform marketing solution to companies worldwide. In addition, Mobile Dynamic Marketing has several proprietary social concepts being developed with more information to be released.

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