Ketamine Health Centers Launches Treatment Program Veterans, Military & First Responders


South Florida’s leading ketamine infusion therapy practice salutes heroes suffering from mental illness by offering enhanced availability to mental health resources

Every day, service men and woman risk their lives to protect fellow American citizens. Their brave actions regularly expose them to traumatic or life-threatening events that can lead to extended mental health conditions. That is why Ketamine Health Centers announced today the launch of RESKUE, a treatment program exclusive to veterans, military personnel and first responders, to effectively combat these internal and emotional struggles.

As the only full-service health facility in Florida completely dedicated to ketamine infusion therapy via the joint expertise of a certified anesthesiologist and psychiatrist, Ketamine Health Centers hopes to honor these brave individuals by offering a highly-beneficial resource for the treatment of depression, PTSD and suicidal ideation – mental health conditions often experienced by those in the line of fire. The health practice provides a highly-reputable team of doctors to administer ketamine infusion therapy in low doses, intravenously, with almost immediate benefits.

The RESKUE program includes:

  • 25% off six-treatment package of ketamine infusion therapy
  • 25% off ketamine booster infusions, when needed
  • 12-month financing at 0% interest
  • Psychiatry support and follow-up after session completion

According to the RAND Corporation, approximately 31 percent of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health condition or reported experiencing a traumatic brain injury. Only about half of those who need treatment for these conditions seek it. Additionally, an estimated 19 percent of police officers in the U.S. suffer from PTSD.

“There is a vast population of veterans, military personnel and first responders who suffer mentally from former exposure to trauma,” said Dennis Diaz, managing partner at Ketamine Health Centers. “Knowing that we have this effective form of treatment, with an 80-percent success rate for our patients, we felt it was our duty to make ketamine infusion therapy more accessible to the heroes in our community.”

In recent years, the medical field has increasingly turned to ketamine due to its promising advancements as a breakthrough treatment for mental health conditions. This includes depression, the leading cause of disability in the world today and a widely-discussed health topic in America. As prominently profiled in TIME Magazine, the U.S. economy alone has incurred a loss of $210 billion a year due to decreased productivity, increased days absent from work and extended medical attention for physical/mental illnesses associated with depression, including anxiety, PTSD, migraines and sleep disorders. In fact, 30 percent of individuals have no response to antidepressants. Thus, Ketamine is evolving into a revolutionary alternative that is giving hope to those who were once hopeless.

For patients to participate in the RESKUE program, a valid, government-issued identification card must be presented and verified for treatment.

About Ketamine Health Centers

Ketamine Health Centers is the only full-service health center in Florida fully dedicated to ketamine infusion therapy via joint expertise of a board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Raul Cruz, and psychiatrist, Dr. Francisco Cruz. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the practice is committed to delivering long-term solutions that incorporate ketamine infusions with a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. The collective knowledge and medical excellence of Ketamine Health Centers’ elite team has generated programs to service those suffering from mental health and chronic pain, offering a plan that supports their well-being and steps toward recovery. The goal is to use ketamine to help patients regain a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. For more information, visit

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