The Ocean Side Retreat


A world-renownedholistic and integrative medicine doctor, Dr. Mylaine Riobe (, a doctor for over 15 years will be at The Ocean Side Retreat( on February 17 and 18 to speak about her ground-breaking techniques to cure major symptoms and conditions. Dr. Riobe has worked with hundreds of client to cure their addictions, anxiety, and headaches with Eastern and Western medicines. She speaks on these techniques in her books The Tao of Integrative Medicine and The Answer to Cancer.

Her passion for curing the root of the problem, lead her to venture into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Integrative Medicine, and Functional Medicine, eventually mastering these Eastern and fused methodologies.

At this event Dr. Riobe will be speaking about:

·         How to prevent obtaining major diseases such as cancer

·         Understanding the importance of traditional Chinese medicine

·         The secrets to treating the impact of chronic stress

·         Understanding body’s self-correcting mechanisms and how they lead to early symptoms.

“As a board-certified medical doctor, I’m honored and privileged to use the best medical practices of the Eastern and Western worlds to take the guess work out of your path to wellness,” said Dr. Mylaine Riobe. “I don’t mask symptoms; I treat root causes to get the best results,” added Riobe.

About Dr. Riobe

Mylaine Riobe is a graduate of Columbia College of Columbia University and has a medical degree from New York Medical College and residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Medical College of Pennsylvania and University of South Carolina. As a child, Dr. Riobe learned holistic healing methods from her grandmother.

About Wisening Women

CariChauss and Rebecca Hose are the founders of Wisening Women. The foundation of this organization is to bring people interesting and innovative ideas through exciting speakers and presenters. They do this by hosting seminars and retreats to encourage learning and personal growth that provide strategies to achieve them.

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