Fendell Ventures: Illuminating The Path To Success In A Disruptive World


-- Bicultural sisters join forces to help organizations innovate and grow through culture, engagement and leadership --

At a time when innovation is met with disruption, one company is making it its mission to bring an end to the chaos. Co-founded by sisters Eliza Fendell and Rebecca Crawford, Fendell Ventures collaborates with leaders seeking to drive entrepreneurial growth and innovative thinking in their businesses and throughout their teams. Through uniquely tailored programs, FendellVentures helps clients in South Florida and New England implement organizational structure, grow employee engagement through the establishment of strong company culture, and to gain the skills to successful navigation through disruptive times.

“Culture is a crucial component to successful businesses that is often overlooked,” said Eliza Fendell, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Fendell Ventures. “My passion for people and processes is my motivation and inspiration for helping leaders build strong, fulfilled teams. At the end of the day, good, happy people are the ones who build thriving companies.”

Fendell Ventures guides companies and individuals to achieve sustainable growth through targeted programs focusing on teams, leaders, and events. With offerings that include leadership development, mentoring, team building & bonding, together with employee engagement programs, both employers and employees will learn effective tools to maximize their potential.The Fendell Venturesteam is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, helping leaders and teams understand their own personality and behavior patterns,as well as providing coachingon how to use this knowledge to enable better decision-making.

“I am incredibly excited to work with leaders to develop their problem-solving skills, create strong cultures, and establish a workplace that inspires them and their teams,” said Rebecca Crawford, Managing Partner, Fendell Ventures. “My hope is that there will be a shift in every organization to prioritize culture.By doing so, success will come naturally.”

As third-generation entrepreneurs, Eliza and Rebecca grew up in Costa Rica steeped in the values that build success: creating trust, building relationships, and embracing change. The sisters carried these values through their two differing career paths in the corporate and non-profit worlds. Despite the differences, Eliza and Rebecca were both passionate drivers for building culture, engagement and leadership in their organizations. Together, through Fendell Ventures, Eliza and Rebecca are now channeling this passion to illuminate the paths to success for companies and organizations.

Fendell Ventures has offices in both Miami and Boston. To learn how Fendell Ventures can help illuminate your organizations path to success, please visit www.fendellventures.com.

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