P90X Live Bootcamp Comes To Boca Raton


Just in time for your New Year's resolution! Brendan McCauley, a P90X Certified Coach, will be teaching P90X Live Bootcamp twice per week starting Saturday, January 7th at the Boca Raton Community Center (150 Crawford Blvd. Boca Raton, Florida 33432).  Join a strong community of friendly competition, encouragement, and personal fitness breakthroughs.  As you master this total-body strength and cardio class, you'll bust through fitness plateaus—together.  It's got the ultimate variety to keep your body guessing and the gratification to keep you coming back for more.  But more than just a bootcamp, Brendan will help you view fitness differently to make it fun and challenging, rather than boring and painful.  Go to bit.ly/P90X_LIVE_BOCA to get a FREE class and 25% discount on all packages.

Bridgette S., a client of Brendan’s said “Brendan of Home Fitness Mastery is THE MASTER of health and wellness! No fricken joke. From the moment I began working with Brendan, he helped me to transform my mindset - but in a way that worked for ME. It was not some cookie-cutter approach to fitness. Brendan listened to what my goals were for my body, how hectic my lifestyle is and made it all work for me. His style is firm enough to know that he is there to support you, yet personal enough to know that he is with you as a partner in your journey to awesome. He's knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, and overall the best thing that's ever happened to diet and exercise! If you are looking for transformation from the core of who you are as a person, look no further. Brendan is your man!” - Bridgette S.

If you’ve struggled to go to the gym, it’s not your fault and here’s why:

  • Most gyms don’t focus on helping you shift your mindset.  After each P90X Live session, Coach Brendan discusses how to your perspective on fitness makes all the difference.
  • Most fitness classes are too expensive or too difficult.  The average P90X Live class is just $15 with a chance to earn FREE classes.  Plus, all levels of fitness are welcome and every move can be modified!
  • Most gyms don’t offer additional support.  Coach Brendan offers a free online community of people just like you looking to incorporate health and fitness into an everyday lifestyle.

About Home Fitness Mastery:  
Brendan has been coaching now for over 5 years and will receive his CPC (Certified Professional Coach) degree in June 2017.  He helps his clients learn how to get started with a home fitness program and turn healthy-living into an enjoyable lifestyle.  He works with people who are constantly looking at the next diet, never really getting the chance to keep the weight off, because all they're doing is dieting and putting it back on.  His goal is to help them to achieve weight loss on an on-going basis by changing not a diet, but the way that they eat and think about their health, and he work with them to create that plan.  Visit www.HomeFitnessMastery.com for more details.

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