3 Fla. Properties Among Forbes’ ‘Brokedown Palaces’

Forbes has put together a list of mansions mired in foreclosure, bankruptcy and lawsuits.

On the list of “Brokedown Palaces” are properties with a list price of up to $100 million. They include three in Florida, two in Georgia, one of which was owned by heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield, one in Charlottesville, Va., owned by Donald Trump and one in New York.

Here’s a snapshot of the seven “Brokedown Palaces:”

Casa Casuarina
Location: Miami Beach, Fla.
List Price: $100 million
The Digs: 23,000-square-foot spread, where Gianni Versace was shot, has a hotel and gold-lined pool
Owner: Peter Loftin

1220 South Ocean BoulevardLocation: Palm Beach, Fla.
List Price: $74 million
The Digs:  the 27,000-square-foot lakefront house built on spec has a sculpture garden and an auto showroom.
Owner: Dan Swanson

Location: Windermere, Fla.
List Price: $65 million (unfinished)
The Digs: The half-finished 90,000-square foot home is America's biggest, with a two-story wine cellar, three swimming pools and 11 kitchens.
Owners: David and Jaqueline Siegel

Albemarle EstateLocation: Charlottesville, Va.
2009 List Price: $100 million
The Digs: A 45-room neo-Georgian touting a wine grotto and a helipad on the property.
New Owner: Donald Trump

Le Reve
Location: Cummings, GA
2009 List Price: $45 million
2011 REO Sale Price: $11.5 million
The Digs: This Versailles-inspired 72-acre compound boasts 82 rooms including an arcade, a model train room, and a home theater with concession stand modeled after Atlanta's Fox Theater.
Former Owners: Hubert and Norma Humphrey

Holyfield Compound
Location: Fairburn, GA
Foreclosure Price: $7.5 million
The Digs: The massive 54,000-square foot manse has 109 rooms including a bowling alley and a home theater.
Former Owner: Evander Holyfield

Sloane Mansion
Location: New York
2008 List Price: $64 million
2011 Sale Price: about $33 million
The Digs: The 18,300-square foot C.P.H. Gilbert townhouse has a wood paneled ballroom bedecked in murals, 17 fireplaces and a winding marble staircase.
Owner: Alexander Rovt 

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