Q&A: How Would You Define Your Personal Brand?


By Michael Mercurio Esq., Offit | Kurman, Attorneys at Law

We asked these local captains of industry.

Christopher Brandt
Founder & Managing Partner, Audacious Inquiry, LLC

Bold solutions for connected healthcare

A. Collaborative and authentic.

Ethan Giffin
Founder & CEO, Groove

Creative marketing, design & development

A. Unique, traditional, and bold. A renaissance man. I've been called a "ginger Burt Reynolds" on more than one occasion. It's hard to miss me, even in a room full of people. I've embraced that. 

Bob Perkowitz
President, ecoAmerica

Climate game-changer

A. Passionate about the fusion of a mutually successful relationship between people and the planet.

JM Schapiro
CEO, Continental Realty Corporation

Commercial and multi-family real estate investment & operations

A. I’ve never thought of myself as a brand, but I guess my brand is based on how I am perceived by others at work, home and the community. I think my brand would involve being a leader with great integrity – in the community and at work. I often say around our office that leaders lead by example. You can’t expect people to follow you because of a title or your age. You must show people that you are willing to help them grow and by following you they will become better people and grow themselves.

Jay Steinmetz
Founder & CEO, Barcoding, Inc.

We connect people, devices & networks

A.Personally, I believe life is a journey, but I'm not seeking the destination. I'm enjoying every day and making sure to share the wealth with those around me so we can enjoy life together

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